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If you are a volunteer seeking meaningful ways to channel your service, all you have to do is register and complete the volunteer qualifier data. When you have successfully completed your profile, a confirmation receipt will be emailed to you acknowledging that you are now registered as a bona fide volunteer. The sponsoring organization may ask you to furnish additional credentials, which can be done in the upload section of the website.

If you are a sponsoring organization, create your sponsor’s profile and begin to search for volunteers based on your search criteria or needs, e.g. area, age and skillset.

Isn’t that a very simple process?

Frequently Asked Questions

We would for you to get to know more about the Caring Volunteers Organization.

  • Do I have to be in North America to volunteer?

    No. However, since our service area is North America, it would be advisable to be in North America.

  • Does the Caring Volunteers Organization provide financial assistance?

    At the moment the organization is not able to directly provide financial assistance, however your sponsor(s) can arrange to provide financial assistance through us.

  • Do I need some form of caregiving insurance?

    If you intend to provide direct care giving, we recommend that you have some insurance coverage in place. In most instance the institutions sponsors can have you covered under their main insurance policy. In some instance a qualified waiver form can act as a form of protection. You may ask your sponsor to consider offering you affordable insurance for caregivers through CNA and NSO.

  • Tell me more about the Caring Volunteer Organization?

    Enoch J. Cruz is a Senior level Executive with over 15 years experience in the development and design of software. In his nearly 10 years at Data Soft Logic, Enoch Cruz has held a variety of leadership positions including CTO, successfully driving innovation, and played a critical role in the development of a number of new technologies. As one of the founders of Data Soft Logic, Enoch Cruz guided the creation and development of the company that is changing the way the health care industry tracks and accesses patient data at point of care. Mr. Cruz is currently CEO and member of the Board-of-Directors of Data Soft Logic Corporation.

    April Tumakay is an accomplished senior-level professional with over sixteen years of extensive background in key aspects of human resources management, specializing in associate communications, organizational development, compliance, recruitment strategies, performance management, change management, employee development and training, and employee relations, along with driving results on key operational initiatives. April has a proven knowledge and experience in serving multi-layered organizations and obtaining cooperative efforts from all departments to drive optimal business performance. Her expertise includes building and re-engineering of organizational structures and translating business methodologies to functions and strategies. April is an entrepreneur with hands-on experience in establishing start-up companies in different business sectors and providing consultative guidance to leaders of private organizations with strong business acumen and diverse industry experiences.

    Yaneth Fierros is a Human Resources Professional with over seven years devoted to the Healthcare setting. Ms. Fierros received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from California State University, Pomona and is currently attending the University of La Verne and will obtain her Master’s Degree in Leadership Management with a concentration in Organizational Development by December 2015. Her passion for the Human Resources field has enabled her to assist and build solid relationships with multi-cultural individuals and organizations within the Inland Empire community. Ms. Fierros’ goal is to enable organizations and individuals seeking volunteer services to join efforts to make great things happen for the members of the local communities and in due course expand internationally.

    Rachelle Sellen is a current graduate student at the University of La Verne studying for her masters in Management and Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development. Alongside with being a full-time graduate student, Rachelle has worked at Pacific Crest Youth Arts Organization, and a past personal trainer. Rachelle has a passion for helping others reach there goals and to be successful. After graduation Rachelle will be working as a substitute teacher and then pursuing her teaching credential.

    We are currently offering volunteer placements through our partner organizations and agencies in the USA. If you are interested in care volunteering in your community, please register through the portal.

Marites Gonzales, Bright Haven Hospice Care, Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Caring Volunteers helped me to get through my CHAP survey and I got certified.

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Jose Martinez joins us from Infenix Webs as CVO's Web Developer/Designer and Web Administrator.

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